Architectural Metal and Wall Panels


Allen Brothers Roofing Inc. is a trusted and reliable commercial roof contractor that offers commercial and residential applications for architectural metal and wall panels. One of the great things about Allen Brothers Roofing is that we can help you find materials with the strength and durability that you need, while also catering to your design and aesthetic needs.

Architectural Metal

There are many options for roofing, and some families are hoping for metal roofing for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, architectural metal can withstand more elements than many other materials. This is ideal for those families hoping to find commercial roofers that can install a roof that will last for a long time. Architectural metal can also prove to be relatively low maintenance compared to other roofing options. Many other projects utilize architectural metal because it’s easier to install than other materials.

Allen Brothers Roofing Inc. boasts decades of experience as a commercial roof contractor. We offer the following options when it comes to Architectural Metal: copper bays, finials, chimney caps, cupolas, and turrets. Another reason why families are turning to a commercial roofing company for architectural metal is simple: it’s more environmentally friendly than many other materials.

Why Use Metal Wall Panels?

There’s a good chance that you can find metal wall panels in almost any modern building that you can think of - whether you are considering a skyscraper, college building, or a library. Many homeowners love metal wall panels because they are environmentally friendly, while others enjoy the incredible aesthetic offered by metal wall panels. There is also a range of choices regarding metal wall panels, including insulated metal panels (IMPs), metal composite material panels (MCM panels), and single skin metal panels.

Commercial roofers often install metal wall panels because they can help to fireproof a building. Plus, metal wall panels are often less costly to install than brick, granite, or other materials. If you are hoping for a commercial roof contractor that can help install wall panels that are both durable and eco-friendly, there’s a good chance that they may recommend metal wall panels.

Why Allen Brothers?

Homeowners choose Allen Brothers Inc. is because we’re a family-owned business with over 50 years of experience. We are known and respected for our high-end custom work and are proud to serve the tri-county region for all of their metal wall panel needs. Allen Brothers, Inc. is locally owned and operated, with 45 employees operating out of Rochester Hills, Michigan.

We are available for all of your architectural metal and metal wall panel needs. If you are searching for a commercial roof contractor that can remain transparent, respectful, and collaborative throughout the entire process, call Allen Brothers Inc. today!