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Innovative Solar Roof Systems for Beautiful, Energy-Efficient Homes & Buildings.

Harness Clean Energy with Our Luxury Solar Roof Systems

Looking for solar roofing systems that not only look gorgeous but offer maximum power output for your commercial building or residence?

Look no further than Luma Solar for the best-in-class solar roof technology. We take great pride in being the first solar company in North America to develop a fully-integrated solar shingle roof system.

Besides generating clean, renewable energy that’s good for the environment, our solar roof systems are upgradable and sleek thanks to superior craftsmanship and high-quality materials.

Discover Energy Independence with a Luma Solar Roof System

Our solar roof installation offers several benefits for your business or residence:


As the world embraces a green economy for a sustainable future, a Luma solar roof will mean that your business meets certain social and environmental performance standards.


Having Luma Solar as your main source of energy can help you get tax credits and rebates from federal and state government. A solar shingle installation can also be a good strategy to counter the ever-rising electricity costs.

Suitable for All Industries

Luma solar roof systems are suitable for a wide range of industries, including healthcare, automotive, manufacturing, climate-controlled storage, distributors, and more.

Reliable Power Back-Up

Never let your commercial building or residence have a power outage. Ask us about installing a Luma Solar compatible power back-up system today.

Work with Award-Winning Solar Installers

We custom-fit every commercial solar installation to suit your specific needs. Our solar shingle installation gets backed by a warranty to ensure you get value for your money.

Let your home or business power supply be the least of your worries by installing our solar systems.

Get the best solar shingles in North America and beyond from Luma Solar.